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Welcome to TWT Talent

Stay tuned to read blog posts by myself and others in the industry. TWT Talent also known as Talks with Tangie Talent will be a place for talks about all things talent. I've been working on this platform for a while now and its no better time than the present to launch.

My heart has always been warmed by being able to share and help others. This is what has fueled my passion to train, conduct workshops, and speak at conferences. If I know it, I want share it. If I learn, it I want to share it.

Join me on this journey as I write and publish my story and and the stories of many others. I will also host a few "talks" along the way. And most importantly, let me know how I can help you or team be successful. Individual and group trainings are both offered.

Let's get ready to take this wild and fun journey! Are your ready? Let's Go!

All the best,

Tangie Pettis, Chief Talent Officer

TWT Talent

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