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From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, TWT Talent is here to help. You will receive real solutions and experience true results.



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Katrina Collier Author, Speaker & Facilitator The Searchologist

"Chapter 5 is the most critical part of my book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter, and when I came to writing about getting those hiring managers onside, I knew Tangie Pettis would be the first person I asked for input."

"Not only had I heard her speak with such passion about the relationships she has created over many years, I knew she had done this working remotely, and that is the future of recruitment. Tangie knows how to engage audiences, hiring managers, and the teams she works with. Stop here, you’ve found the person you need."


Shannon Pritchett, Managing Director at CareerXroads

"While I was editor at SourceCon, I was awestruck watching Tangie Pettis present at our ERE conference in Spring 2017. Tangie was a natural on stage and quickly captured our attention with grace, ease, and elegance. Tangie delivered many tangible and creative takeaways that we could all implement immediately. After hearing Tangie speak, I was quick to book her for our Spring 2018 SourceCon conference."


 Shaundele Cruickshank, Sr. Talent Acquisition Scout

"I have attended a number of webinars and now an in-person presentation at the 2018 SourceCon Conference and love the energy and enthusiasm Tangie presents with! Tangie always presents with relevant tools and resources, and includes actionable takeaways that you can apply to your desk right away. Tangie also helps to highlight how talent acquisition professionals can #raisethebar around the candidate experience, which I always appreciate."

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